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MySQL Training Courses From GBdirect

MySQL Courses

We currently offer the following instructor-led MySQL courses:

Why GBdirect MySQL Training?

Unlike most of the other training companies in this field, we and our clients have been running serious business operations on MySQL since the mid-1990s. Web sites and ecommerce applications that we’ve built using MySQL have done millions of pounds worth of business and have handled millions of page impressions per day, without drawing breath.

Like any database, MySQL has its quirks, but having worked with it over so many years and so many increasingly capable versions, we like to think that our MySQL trainers have more experience than most in coaxing it into doing the right thing.

In all the years that our consultants have been deploying and integrating MYSQL applications, they have also been developing and teaching the MySQL courses that we offer here, i.e. our MySQL training has been tried and tested in battle by real teachers, real students and real users.

Finally, we practice what we preach when it comes to open standards compliance and cross-platform portability. GBdirect MySQL training courses are taught pretty-much identically on Windows, Linux or Unix and are designed for maximum practical compliance with the ANSI/ISO SQL standards (SQL-92 and SQL-99). Indeed, the differences between MySQL on Windows and Linux is so miniscule that we can have delegates using both operating systems in the same classroom. Where MySQL differs significantly from the SQL standard or other variants of SQL, our MySQL training courses try to flag up the major problems and workarounds.